Performance statistics

Performance of one-off investments

Equity, bond, balanced and real estate funds have developed over the past 30 years. The unit value of the investment fund, i.e. the fund price without subscription fee, is used as the basis for the calculations.

Performance of one-off investments - Fund categories as at 30. June 2024

Performance of one-off investments - individual funds as at 30. June 2024

Performance of savings plans

Fund savings plans can be used to build up a sizeable wealth.

How did the individual fund categories perform?

Performance of savings plans - fund categories as at 30 June 2024

How have individual funds developed?

Performance of savings plans - individual funds as at 30 June 2024

Performance of VL Savings Plan

Performance of VL savings plans in equity funds with investment focus on Germany

List of abbreviations

Here you will find an explanation of the abbreviations that are used in the statistics.

List of Abbreviations (August 2023)

The BVI method

The calculation of the BVI performance statistics follows the time-weighted method customary for funds. The BVI method uses public investment fund prices and thus takes into account all explicit and implicit fund costs. In the case of savings plans, issue subscription fees are also taken into account. Distributions are assumed to be reinvested in new investment fund units. This makes distributing and accumulating funds comparable.

The BVI method (available in German only)

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