Hoch im Kurs

Our ‘Hoch im Kurs’ initiative aims to promote basic economic knowledge among students aged 16-18 (Sekundarstufe II). The objective is to enable young people to make well-founded and independent decisions in financial matters.

We provide interested schools with teaching materials (student magazine and teacher's booklet). With success: About 1.6 million information packages have already been ordered by teachers for their lessons. In November 2023, the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband) rated the materials of the BVI as „good“ and the content as „very good“ in its Material Compass. You can order the information material free of charge at www.lehrer-online.de or download it from the BVI website.

Alongside our ‘Hoch im Kurs’ initiative, we are calling for economics to be included as a school subject in the curricula of all German federal states and for teachers to be trained. A basic understanding of economics is now of such elementary importance to life and business in Germany that the state education policy can no longer evade this issue. 

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